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Q&A with Christian Author J.E. Grace

Updated: May 27, 2020

J.E. Grace was born in California where she managed a campground for quite a few years. In the late ’60s, she lived on a 4,000-acre horse ranch situated along the coastline of Northern California. She moved to the Midwest in 2000 and has a background in Retail Management which she worked in for over 10 years.

After relocating to Missouri, she decided to pursue her lifelong dream of working in Real Estate. She continued as a Real Estate Agent until she retired in 2012 to pursue her true passion for Writing & Painting. Her work is showcased on Vida, Zazzle, and Society 6.

She also enjoys photography and diamond painting. She currently writes in the mystery/romance, suspense, sci-fi, and Christian inspirational genres.

Q: Hi Julie, Thanks a lot for doing this interview. You write in a lot of genres: mystery romance, romantic suspense, women inspirational, historical mystery, Christian suspense, clean romance, and even science fiction… Can you tell us about your chosen genres and a little about the woman behind the brand?

I am an avid reader and have interests in lots of different genres. I enjoy writing mystery/suspense the most as that is where my ideas seem to direct me. I am a new author and feel I am still trying to discover my niche.

Q: Where do you get your ideas from?

I draw some from past experiences, my walk with God, and sometimes I believe God gives me a direction he wants to go with my writing. I also read a lot and sometimes a true story I have read, or a magazine article will spark an idea for a fictional twist for a new book.

Q: As mentioned above you have quite a portfolio. Do you have a preferred genre (either as a reader or writer)?

I have always been a fan of mystery and I love coupling it with suspense and romance. This is the genre I enjoy writing most and being of strong faith, any stories would not be complete without the spiritual aspect. I write to glorify God.

Q: Out of all your books, which one is your favourite, and why?

A Walk with Heavenly Spirits.

If I had to choose one of my books that is my favourite, it would have to be A Walk with Heavenly Spirits. It also took me the longest to write.

In some ways, I was being reminded through the spiritual growth of Allison, that my journey was not much different than hers. In fact, in some ways, it was a mirror image of my personal growth over the years. I too have been broken and held on to past hurts until I learned forgiveness.

Of course, I have not seen Heavenly Spirits the way that Allison did in the book, but I did at various points in my life, feel a connection to God’s guidance and protection. I was fighting spiritual warfare of my own. Without God’s help in the worst of times, I am confident that I would not be here today. When things seem hopeless, we can pull through and learn to forgive others to experience God’s healing in our life.

While writing A Walk with Heavenly Spirits, I found myself wanting to work on another book, but God would always draw me back. I feel like the book is not only a fictional work but a spiritual one as well and God’s voice comes through loud and clear. If there is one thing I learned while writing it, it is the message that God uses the broken, grieving, and makes us better than we have ever been. He loves us more than we realize.

My mother was always my biggest fan. She loved to write also and was there to encourage me when I felt like I was not good enough. When A Walk with Heavenly Spirits was published, I sent her a paperback copy that she read and loved. In the book, Allison’s mother passes away. I had no idea when I wrote the book that my mother would shortly go to meet the Lord. It was almost like God was using this book to prepare me. Of course, at the time, I did not see the connection.

Q: What do you hope your readers will take from your books?

For them not to ever feel like they have drifted too far away from God to find their way back and that if they will submit to his will, He will lead them on their chosen path. Life will be fuller and more meaningful than they could ever imagine. God is a God of possibilities and miracles. I hope that my readers get enjoyment from them, but also come away touched in some special way.

Q: if your books were to be Hollywood blockbuster- Who would you like to play the role of the Hero/ Heroine? (which book)

Redemption at Shadow Lake- Jonathan played by Matthew McConaughey.

Q: Do you base your characters on people you know?

All my characters are fictional, although, I may use some traits from people I know.

Q: Are you planning to write more books in the House of Mystery Series?

I am working on Book 3 in the Houses of Mystery series right now and plan for a few more.

Q: When did you write your first novel- tell us about it?

My first book was written over three years. I had placed it in a file and was not even sure I wanted to complete it, but something kept nagging at me to finish it. Writing a science fiction took a lot of research, but I have always been a fan of the genre. I finally finished my book and was published in 2016.

To find out about the Zarion click here

Q: Have you always wanted to be a writer?

I started reading at age 4 and was fascinated by the worlds created in books. That sparked my interest. I didn’t take writing seriously though until I retired in 2012, in my 60’s. I finally had more time to devote to writing.

Q: What are your writing habits?

I come up with an idea first. Then I build a setting (where the story takes place). If it is somewhere that is not familiar, I research until I am satisfied with the information. Then I do an outline of my characters and their traits. Next a short outline of some main points I want to cover in my story. I rarely do a complete outline. I do all my writing in Word on my desktop. I have a home office which gives me the privacy I need when I write. Unlike some authors, I don’t seem to be able to write daily.

Q: Tell us about your writing schedule?

I can pretty much write at any time but prefer late evening. That is when my writing juices seem to flow onto the pages. Sometimes I know where I am going and other times my characters seem to lead me where they want me to go.

Q: Can you describe your writing space?

I have a home office that is away from the main part of the house and do all my writing there. There is lots of light and a nice view of my back yard. I write on my desktop using Microsoft Word.

Q: What is the most difficult part of writing?

My most difficult part would have to be rewriting. It takes a lot of work and you must be able to create a non-attachment to your words and be able to cut when you need to.

Q: What are you working on at the moment? Can you tell us a little more about it?

I am working on book 3 in the Houses of Mystery Series, book 3 of the Pacific Cove Legacy Series, and researching a fantasy novel.

Q: What is your favorite part of writing/ publishing?

Having an outlet to bring the characters that I have in my head to life on the written page. Also, researching the setting for the novel.

Q: What is your favorite book of all time (I know this is hard to pick just one) and why?

I would have to pick the Bible. It is full of insights and uplifting information that is pertinent to my everyday walk with God. When I am going through a specific struggle, I can always find something that helps me through it. As far as a fictional work, it would have to be The Shack.

Q: Any advice for someone who is just starting out writing or thinking about writing?

If you have a passion to write and it seems as though among everything else, it is the one thing that drives your thoughts, you were probably meant to write.

Start out keeping a journal. It is a great way to write down your thoughts every day and can be a wealth of information for a book you could be called to write. Read everything you can get your hands on about writing and read books in the genre you feel you want to write in.

Join a writer’s group online or in-person in your hometown. Being around fellow authors can be great encouragement when doubt starts to creep in. And it will. It is normal.

As you write, do not compare yourself to another author. They started exactly where you are now and we each have our style of writing. The only way to get better is to keep writing. Every day if possible.

Q: Are you on social media? Where can people interact with you?











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