Historical Romances

My stories focus on the heroines' lives and how they struggle through a few years (apart from the Earl’s Daughter).


How they discover love and fight against the rules in a period where women had little to say. The stories are about survival following the tragedies and obstacles life threw at them.

I cannot promise a happy ending at the end of each book, but I will do my best to have a happy ending at the end of a series.

These are not Sweet and Clean but they are not Erotica either. Just somewhere in the middle depending on each story.

The Earl's Daughter
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A poisoned goblet. A burgeoning love. A forged letter.

Since her mother's death, Alys of Lochlainn's education has been neglected, and the Earl's daughter has turned into a wounded, stubborn, suspicious and unruly heiress. But she has a big heart when it comes to protecting those she loves...even if they don’t need help.

When an English lord meddles in her life and wants to send her to a convent, Alys takes matters into her own hands. However, her little plan turns against her.

Not one to be defeated, she forges a letter signed by the Earl of Hampton. Surely that will save the day... or so she thinks.

Now, Alys has to fight an enemy she has never encountered before; an enemy who doesn't play fair; an enemy that attacks when she least expects it: Love!

But fate turns against her and Alys loses the battle of love through her own actions. Will she ever be forgiven?

The EARL’S DAUGHTER is the prequel in the LOCHLAINN series, a medieval fiction with strong notes of romance.

If you like a quick, easy read with vibrant characters and stories you can’t put down, you’ll absolutely love The EARL’S DAUGHTER.

Get your copy of THE EARL’S DAUGHTER now, and jump straight into the world of Alys where intrigue ignites and fuses with burgeoning love.






The Duke's Lover

He's the most powerful man in the Kingdom. She's a stubborn heiress. They weren’t supposed to fall in love. What could possibly go wrong?

When Alys of Lochlainn arrives in England, she’s yearning for marriage, but she’s not prepared for the one her father and the Duke of Hampton have arranged. She doesn’t want to marry the future King; she wants freedom.

However, when the Duke of Hampton steals a kiss from her, she falls for him and, despite herself, gets entangled in a grand scheme.

How will Alys overcome her enemies’ conspiracy? Can she survive when the entire Kingdom seems to be against her?

The DUKE’S LOVER is a romantic tale, packed with emotion. It’s a story where history intertwines with fiction, love with war, and life with death.

If you love engaging characters, a strong heroine and courtly love over bloody battles, then you’ll relish THE DUKE’S LOVER.

Buy your copy of THE DUKE’S LOVER today and immerse yourself in the enchanting and passionate world of Alys of Lochlainn.

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A broken heart. A Revenge in Motion. An Unexpected Visit.

After the death of her protector, Alys survives for the love of her children. However, infuriated to hear that the King of England is tracking her old friends like wild game, she flees to France to get the help of King Louis. King Uther and his wife have gone too far! It is now time to give England a new King.

Enemies are lurking everywhere, and the King of France is not keen on letting Alys become involved. Now she is more determined than ever to continue the work of Hampton, even if she has to finish the work alone.

As she returns to England, she seduces her way back into power and at court. That is without accounting for the fact that her weaknesses would become her main obstacle.

Now Alys must choose where her loyalty lies.

Will she remain loyal to Hampton, or will she follow her instincts to gain more power?

Royal Lover is the third instalment in the Lochlainn Series. A Medieval romance, based on the Wars of the Roses, that follows the life of Alys of Lochlainn through the years, through love and hate, through passion and wars, through loyalty and treason.

If you love fast-paced, light entertainment, and vibrant characters, you will love Royal Lover, a clean Medieval Fiction.

Read Royal Lover now to run alongside Alys as she unleashes an act of revenge that might turn against her.

The Road To Versailles

They killed her parents. They took her lands. She is in disgrace and now she wants her life back.

France 1772, and Evangeline de Valbelle’s family is in disgrace and finds refuge in Paris. Beginning a new life of misery, Evangeline swears to avenge her father’s death. Whatever it takes. But she has a younger brother she must care for and when he is taken from her, her entire world collapses.
Evangeline doesn’t stay down for long. Fuelled with hatred for the new King and his wife, she plans to marry and make her way to the Court of Versailles.
But who would want to marry a woman in disgrace? Count von Fersen might just be the man she needs…

Read THE ROAD TO VERSAILLES now and discover the captivating world of Evangeline and Count von Fersen.

If you love historical fiction mixed with romance, a strong heroine and light entertainment, then you’ll love the books by Dana Arpquest.

The story is a work of fiction, inspired by the love story between Count Axel von Fersen and Marie-Antoinette which takes place in Versailles and Paris in the 18th century just before the French Revolution.

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