How do you combine a full-time work and writing?

This is a question I often hear. I feel for working mums (or dad) who are writing on the top of having a day job and running the house.

My daughter does not live at home but I still have a full time job and I have over two hours commuting each day and it is not easy to protect the writing time when you have other things to do around. 

I finally managed to find the trick. After all, during day time I am an Executive Assistant and my role is to keep my boss organised. So I have to do the same for my life.


Here is what I do.


Plan Plan plan!

That is the only the reach your goal.

I have watched all video, listened to podcast, read at lot about organisation and in my day job that is my strongest point but it is easier to be organised when you are paid to do it. Joanna Penn said in one of her book "Treat your writing as a business" and she is so right. At work I am paid to do a job and I do it because well, I have no choice. So why don't I treat my writing the same way. Of course, I will not sack myself for messing around on facebook or twitter instead of writing. I think procrastination is one of the biggest problems of many authors out there. 

So, plan your writing, do a business plan of what you need to do to succeed in your writing career, review your milestones regular, check where you are , what works and what does not.


This is one of my typical day.

5.30 am the alarm ring (I should get up immediately but I dont most of hte time) 

5.45 I get up and have a fresh lemon juice then I do the bed and have breakfast

6.15 to 7.15 I sit at my desk and writing. I do not go online at this time I just writing or rewrite or proofread, what ever is on my plan

Just before I finish, I plan what I am going to do the next day during my writing session

Sometimes I write anything that come out of my head and then suddenly the words are directed to my story

7.20 I go in the shower and get ready for work

7.45 I leave home and go to work

13.00 It's lunch time and I check facebook and twitter and try to interact with readers or other authors

for 30 min then back to work

18:00 on average I am back home and prepare the dinner, sandwich for the next day, tidy and clean the house

19.30 I am back to my desk usually work on my course to learn more about writing and market, sometimes writing too

21.00 I go to bed and read or watch a film.

That is not much for my writing but this is the best  I can do until I am able to work full time on my writing


Weekend I tend to spend much longer on writing, I also prepare my facebook post and schedule them for the week, I do my accounts and set advertising and still work on my courses (I love learning and that what helps me becoming better each time)


I recommend that you read Joanna Penn's book on the SUccessful writer, Chris Fox 

what course could I take to improve my writing@

What course could I take to improve my marketing skills?




The organised writer