Sweet and Clean Romance

Hands up, if you have ever dreamt of meeting a rich heir who would fall madly in love with you?
Being a dreamer and a hopelessly romantic case, after reading lots and lots of Sweet Contemporary Romances, I wanted to have a go at writing one myself. 

A couple of years ago, I drafted the first three in the Series. One is now ready. This one is a novella. As I wanted to start small to make sure I enjoyed writing that genre too.

At the moment, this Series is The European Heirs, mainly because I'll take you around Europe, starting with Scotland. Then we'll go a few hundred miles south, and where the heroine falls in love with an English Heir who is in a very sticky situation, which will be followed by one who meets a Greek Billionaire. Then I am hoping to take you to Italy and France. I just thought it would be fun, and there is plenty of room for fun and romance.

These are Sweet and Clean romances, so don't expect any sex scene or violence. It's all about love, how the couples meet and their journey until their HEA. 

Every heroine in this Series is a strong lady, and my hero still on the Alfa Male side... Oh, and for some reason, I've managed to have the same bad girl in each book. Oops. Actually, no oops at all, she gets to date all those gorgeous men.

Her Scottish Groom


You’re cordially invited to join Lily Smith and…
Hold on… sorry… there is no groom yet.


Well, just come along tomorrow at 10 at the Royal Bath Hotel in Edinburgh. Hopefully, Lily will have found a suitor by the morning. Someone crazy enough to accept. Anyway, she has no choice so, anyone will do.

24 hours to get married… surely no one will take her seriously.

Lily works hard to save enough money to pay for her brother’s treatment, but it seems she’ll never earn enough money. When she hears about a potential inheritance, she is over the moon. All her problems will be solved at once. The only issue is that she has to be married. Soon. Very soon. Tomorrow.
Will she find someone crazy enough to accept her proposal? Will she be able to save her brother’s life?
If you revel in sweet and clean romance and comedy, you’ll love A Scottish Groom, the first novella in the European Heirs Series. Put your feet up, grab a glass of booze and a box of chocolates and wind down for a couple of hours and have fun.