Dana Arpquest’s early influence on reading and writing came from her grandmother, who always had a book on the go. Since she can remember, Dana loved History and never refused an opportunity to visit a castle, imagining what it would be like to have lived during the Medieval period. She spent her youth with her horse, riding across the forest. Dana’s love for History, travel and languages pushed her to study tourism. When she moved to England twenty years ago, Dana discovered The Wars of the Roses and fell in love with this intriguing period — and the handsome Edward IV and the powerful Earl of Warwick. No surprise she based Lochlainn Series on this period, Love, Power and Treason- it’s all there.

Dana Arpquest’s books promise you kick-arse heroines, feisty alpha males, powerful love stories, and a roller coaster of emotions with fast-paced twist and turns and breathtaking mystery.